MOAR vs. MOAR-T Reticle – Everything you Wanted to Know!

MOAR reticle is slightly better to view in the low light conditions or where the background is comparatively dark or even busy. This is because of the comparatively thicker line subtensions. MOAR-T reticle comes with finer line thickness and is therefore found to be extremely helpful in targeting small objects at extreme long distances, especially over 1000 yards. This is because the small objects don’t get obscured by the finer lines. You will get finer aim points at long distances with MOAR-T reticle. MOAR-T is the finer version of the MOAR reticle.

 Now, let’s have a look at the reticles more closely.

MOAR Reticle

MOAR Reticle stands for Minute of Angle Reticle. It has been found useful in wider range of field conditions. This reticle encompasses smaller graduations (1 MOA elevation and windage spacings) that ultimately help in getting more precise hold-offs  and bracket measurements.

 #1 Thicker line subtensions of MOAR help shooters to acquire the reticle even in shadowed background and lower light situations. It is also found effective in acquiring targets in cluttered areas such as timbers. Competition shooters also find this reticle useful in busy target areas such as rifle competitions.

 MOAR reticle’s thicker line subtensions are also found useful for shooting targets in situations of bright background such as in cases of vast grasslands as well as  deserts. This is possible because of the better contrast of the thicker reticle lines with respect to the bright background.

 #2 Another improvement in the MOAR reticle over its predecessors is in the center of the reticle that especially helps shooters in their field usage. At the center of MOAR, you will find 2 MOA floating center crosshair along with a 4 MOA center box.

#3 Designers of this reticle have also removed the hash-marks on top half of the horizontal line, thereby giving shooters a more cleaner field of view. With an uncluttered view, shooters can now have better target acquisition and measurement.

 #4 To help center shooter’s eye in the reticle for accurate and faster target acquisition, Nightforce engineers have put 3, 6, and 9 o’clock reticles lines act as border at the edges in the MOAR reticle.

 #5 MOAR reticle available with Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×50,  Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56, Nightforce NXS 8-32×56, and Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 rifle scopes come with a 20 MOA scale below centerline. MOAR reticle available with Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 and Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×56 models come with a 30 MOA scale below centerline.


Uses and Benefits

#1 With all these advanced features incorporated in MOAR reticle, it is considered as a major advancement in precision long range shooting, especially in the context of over 1000 yards range.

 #2 It is perfect for all-around use. Some of the applications where MOAR reticle is found to be perfect for usage are field tactical shooting, tactical competition, long range hunting, and varmint hunting.

#3 Pro shooters love the quick adjustment in MOAR reticle.

MOAR-T Reticle

MOAR-T is a finer version of the MOAR reticle. MOAR-T reticle came into existence after the Nightforce users asked for a MOA-based reticle providing even more precision at extreme ranges than the MOAR reticles.

 This finer reticle has 1 MOA elevation as well as windage spacing and .0625 MOA lines. You can use this advanced reticle for accurate rangefinding and holdover estimation at the longest ranges. Floating crosshair (providing shooters precise aiming point) at center of the reticle remains illuminated.

Uses and Benefits

 #1 No matter whether you are using MOAR-T reticle for range or in the field, shooters will get maximum precision at extreme distances. Pinpoint precision at extreme ranges are possible with MOAR-T because of the fine line thickness.

 MOAR-T is the finest MOA-based reticle available for Nightforce NXS and ATACR models. This is the also the most precise reticle available with Nightforce rifle scopes.

 #2 Small targets don’t get obscured at extreme distances, especially over 1000 yards, because of the fine line thickness. They say, the MOAR-T reticle really begins to shine when used for extreme long range (over 1000 yards) shooting.

 #3 You will find MOAR-T reticle most suitable for varmint shooting, long range hunting and shooting, and extreme long range shooting.

 #4 MOAR-T reticle is available with Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×50,  Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56, Nightforce NXS 8-32×56, and Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 rifle scopes.


How MOAR and MOAR-T Reticles came into Existence?

Development of Minute of Angle graduated line reticle started back in 1999 with the advent of NP-R2 reticle, which came with 5 minute of angle hashmarks on the horizontal line and 2 minutes of angle elevation lines on the vertical line.

 With shooters asking for a more precise reticle, in 2007 Nightforce came up with NP-R1 reticle that utilizes 2 minutes of angle hashmarks on the horizontal line and 1 minute of angle elevation lines on the vertical line.

 MOAR reticle came into existence in 2012 and evolved as the most intelligent and field expedient MOA-based reticle. It is solely on the basis of customer feedbacks that Nightforce designed this highly useful reticle.

 MOAR-T reticle came into existence after the Nightforce users asked for a MOA-based reticle providing even more precision at extreme ranges than the MOAR reticles. MOAR-T is nothing but the finer version of MOAR reticle.


To get more information on MOAR, click here to download the document.

To get more information on MOAR-T, click here to download the document.

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