What makes Tikka T3 Rifles so Special?

Tikka rifles are always known as high quality and at the same time provide accurate results. Many don’t know the fact that Tikka rifles are manufactured by Sako. Tikka is owned by Sako since 1980s and Sako, in turn, is owned by Beretta since 2000. Ownership surely shows pedigree of the Tikka riflescopes. The same quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery that manufactures renowned and expensive Sako firearms, are also used for making the Tikka T3 rifles. These rifles come with uncompromising accuracy as well as reliability.

T3 Range of Rifles

Tikka T3 range of rifles come with a two-stage trigger, cold hammer-forged Sako barrel, single-column detachable clip magazine, T3 TrueBody stock, and two-locking lug T3 bolt. There are 19 types of Tikka T3 rifles – T3 Hunter, T3 Hunter STainless, T3 Hunter Fluted Barrel, T3 Hunter Stainless Fluted, T3 Fotest, T3 Lite, T3 Lite Stainless, T3 Lite Adjustable, T3 Laminated Stainless, T3 Camo Stainless, T3 Compact, T3 Battue, T3 Battue Lite, T3 Varmint, T3 Varmint Stainless, T3 Super Varmint, T3 Compact Tactical Rifle, T3 Tac, and T3 Sporter.

Though all the models mentioned are popular among their target shooters, there are 3 basic models of Tikka T3.

3 Basic Models of Tikka T3

#1 Tikka T3 Hunter – It weighs 3.1kg and features a classic walnut stock and well executed chequering.

#2 Tikka T3 Lite – It weighs 2.8kg and features a copolymer stock.

#3 Tikka T3 Lite Stainless – It weighs 2.8kg and features a stainless steel barrelled action on a copolymer stock.

When magnum calibres are used, the weight increases by another 100g because of the longer barrels. No matter whether you are using the copolymer version or the walnut one, both are well balanced. Height of the cheek-piece is perfect as it is perfectly aligned with open sights. Tikka T3 comes without open sites, which are optional in nature.


There are many reasons for you to buy the T3 rifles. Top 8 specialties are –

 #1 One of the main advantages of using T3 rifles is its enhanced capacity of holding captive the recoil lug in the stock itself and at the same time engaging a lateral groove in the action. Shooters get enhanced bedding experience because flat bottom comes with lots of surface area.

 #2 You will get enhanced action rigidity, thereby more accuracy with T3 rifles, because of the smaller ejection port in comparison to other centrefire rifles. However, this very feature also makes it difficult in direct loading through the port.

#3 Walnut Stock of Tikka T3 Hunter comes with well executed chequering along with oil finish. Many people buy this rifle for displaying them in the gun cabinet and that’s why these rifles come with highly polished lacquer finish. If you are a hunter, oil finish Tikka T3 rifles are more suited because of the fact that the scratches and odd knocks are easy to touch up.

 #4 T3 Lite, which comes with copolymer stock, are more suited for the hunters than their walnut counterparts because the former are lighter than the latter by 200g. No matter which stock you are using, both come with rubber butt plates or detachable sling swivels.

 #5 Integral scope rails make the scope mounting process on the rifle easy.

 #6 The five-to-six-shot magazines, which are made up of glass fibre, worked flawlessly during the testing time. Though old school hunters prefer steel in these cases, the glass fibre magazines work perfectly during testing time.

 #7 The single stage triggers are very crisp as well consistent. You will find the safety (thumb operated) is located on tang’s right hand side and are very easy to use.

 #8 Tikka T3 rifles come with cold-hammer forged barrels, which have made Sako firearms that much popular among shooters and hunters. Popular calibres, right from .222 Rem to .338 Win Mag, .270 WSM, and .300 WSM are available with Tikka T3.

 These rifles work exceptionally well without any malfunction. You will neither find delicate polished wood nor any fancy engraving on Tikka T3. But what this rifle category ensure are Sako accuracy and quality but at lower price. Prices are set at an affordable level, which are much lower than the original Sako line of firearms, thereby making them that more popular among the hunters.

by Scopelist

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