Features and Hidden Gems in the New Gunwerks G7 BR2 2015 Model E1011 Rangefinder

New 2015 model of Gunwerks G7 BR2 E1011 rangefinder is perhaps one of the most expensive range finders available in the industry and that’s why we at Scopelist felt the need of checking out the advanced new features of G7 BR2 2015 model.

What are the Important Features?

While testing the device on field, we found out that this rangefinder is capable of ranging distances much more than the abilities of an average person’s shooting ability. Gunwerks G7 BR2 E1011 is capable of ranging distance from 10 yards to 2,500 yards, where the upper range is more than four times to the shooting capabilities of a shooter. This means the new Gunwerks rangefinder is suitable for pro long range shooters who like to bring down the beast located at extreme long range distances. It is capable of carrying out numerous functions and the most important ones are comparatively smaller beam divergence, better ranging algorithms, and effective drop solutions (available in MOA as well as MRAD). Features list of the device includes wind compensation and 5 different profile facilities.

Some of the other features that are available on Gunwerks G7 BR2 Ballistic Rangefinder include tilt sensor range (+/- 90 degrees), 4 to 36 in Hg pressure sensor range, 0 to 122°F temperature sensor range, and up to 1,400 yards maximum ballistic calculation range, availability of three ballistic output units (MRAD, MOA, and inches), 330 feet @ 1,000 yards field of view, 8 hours of battery life, and 4 targeting modes including scan, far, near, and basic.

With 14.3 oz or around 1 pound weight, this is one of the heaviest range finding devices we have used in a long time. Inspite of its weight, we found the device to be portable enough. The new Gunwerks rangefinder is very rugged and is best suited for military usage. One of the important features we noticed in G7 BR2 E1011 is the adjustment facility of the laser rangefinder, which helps in optimal performance. The optics is crisp and clear because of the presence of 7x lens.

What are the New Features in this New G7 BR2 Model?

There is wide array of new features available in this 2015 model of G7 BR2 rangefinder and they are MRAD based drop solutions, improved targeting as well as ranging algorithms, enhanced preciseness in ranging, tighter beam divergence, and availability of compensation data for altitude, temperature, angle, and wind. Another feature that the users are preferring is the availability of 5 customized profiles, which are unique in terms of firearm and cartridge.

Specifications of BR2 2015 Model

This rangefinding device has 5.09 inch x 4.45 inch x 2.10 inch dimension and weighs around 14.3 oz. The maximum ranging capability of this new Gunwerks G7 BR2 rangefinder is 2,500 yards. Maximum ballistic calculation range of this Gunwerks device is 1,400 yards. The lens diameter is 26mm and the available magnification is 7x. Some other basic specs of G7 BR2 2015 includes 1.5×3 MRAD beam divergence, backlight Red LED display, IP55 environmental protection, CR 123 battery, presence of GORE-TEX membrane, waterproof and rugged housing of the device, 1,500 functional range, 0 – 122 degrees F operating temperature, -20 to 158 degrees F storage temperature, 1.5 x 3 MRAD beam divergence, Class 1, 905 nm laser type, 4 to 36 in Hg pressure sensor range, 0 – 122 degrees F temperature sensor range, +/- 90 degrees title sensor range, and less than 4 seconds ballistic figure range measurement time.

How to get best out of Gunwerks G7 BR2 2015?

You can improve the ranging capability of this Gunwerks device for long range shooting capability. To achieve this, the first thing you need to do is tighten up beam divergence and at the same time tune up the software for improved detection as well as achieving better target discrimination.

Once these are done, you need to redesign programming menu for menu programming. In this step, you simply have to put the in-the-field updates to 5 ballistic customizable ballistic profiles. Finally, you have to add MRAD units to BDC as well as MOA outputs for creating complete wind and drop solver.

On the basis of the programmed zero range, sight height, muzzle velocity, and Ballistic Coefficient, this 2015 model of Gunwerks G7 BR2 rangefinder E1011 measures a wide array of important information such as incline to calculate a drop and wind solution, temperature, pressure, and range. You can get the angular solution either by using MRAD or MOA outputs with adjustments of a scope.

There are selectable targeting modes available on Gunwerks G7 BR2 2015 model ranging device so that you can check out the target distance for strongest, farthest, and nearest targets on the display. The maximum range up to which you can range targets is 2,500 yards.

This new 2015 model of the rangefinder comes with narrower beam, which allows ranging targets more accurately. This is particularly true for target ranging for objects located closer to the ground. We found out while testing the rangefinder that functional range for textured targets is 2,000 yards and that of reflective objects is 2,500 yards.

Even when the target is moving, you can range the same. In such a case, you simply have to put the ranging device in scan mode. Targets can be ranged in different conditions such as fog, snow, rain, and low light conditions. For measuring target distance in various light, weather, and other specific conditions, users will have to get the right range by selecting the correct targeting modes such as Strongest Target, Farthest Target, Nearest Target, and Continuous ranging.

What about the Design and Ballistic Computer?

G7 BR2 Rangefinder 2015 model has both ballistic computer and rangefinder, both acting as a single unit. Though the ballistic rangefinder was first launched by Gunwerks back in 2012, this year their new offering improvements are glaring. This new device is not only more rugged but also comes with some very useful features including anti-slip rubber armor, lightweight glass-filled polycarbonate, amazing durability, and weatherproofing feature. You will find a QD plate placed at the unit’s bottom. Users can range distance by placing it on a tripod mounting stud that comes with ¼-20 threads.

In comparison to the original G7 rangefinder, this new rangefinder comes with ballistic solution calculation in both milliradian (MRAD) and MOA. The calculator calculates temperature, barometric pressure, and incline angle. You have to select BDC mode when using custom turrets or velocity reticle. Here, you can put the temperature as well as altitude in accordance with the turret or reticle for which the design has been done. You can also calculate the wind hold with the help of this new 2015 model of G7 rangefinder, where you simply have to put wind speed and the increments are available in 5 MPH.

How’s the Rangefinder?

Gunwerks G7 BR2 E1011 rangefinder 2015 model comes with a natural ergonomics, ballistic information, and information in both MOA and MRAD units. This is surely one of the best range-finding devices we have come across in a long time. However, while testing we felt that the optical quality could have been better. If you are thinking of buying a superior quality rangefinder, this is surely one of the best devices available. Gunwerks G7 BR2 2015 rangefinder E1011 is a unique range finding device that comes with ballistic computer, thereby helping shooters (especially long-range and extreme long-range shooters) to get all possible information for making a more ethical and accurate shot placement.

by Scopelist

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