Ergonomics of Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 Tactical Riflescope

Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 is surely one of the heaviest scopes in its category. Its weight is 39 ounces or 1097 grams, heavier than most Schmidt and Bender scopes.
One of the best aspects of this scope is the consistent eye relief that a shooter gets throughout the entire range of magnification. Design of the ocular bell makes it easier for shooters to grab the bell from behind the scope and make the magnification adjustment quickly. In doing this, there is no requirement for you to lift the head while making magnification adjustment. You can rotate the entire ocular bell for adjusting magnification. The common flip-up scope covers, usually those manufactured by Butler Creek, can’t be used here. However, you will find Tenebraex scope covers in the box of BEAST, which are great for mil-spec scope.

Elevation turret is way too tall as it measures 3.9 inches, right from objective bell’s bottom to turret’s top. Nightforce BEAST’s turret design is unique and the height of turret is ½ inches taller than that in most riflescopes. A shooter will find a locking mechanism on top for locking the same, which is generally not found in other scopes. In addition, shooters can fine tune adjustment by half a click on bottom. Both these unique elements add to the height of the turret, increasing height of the same.

The mounting length at Nightforce B.E.A.S.T 5-25×56 is relatively inflexible. The mounting length is limited to just 1.5 inches of straight tube on turret box’s objective side. Therefore, the shooter’s ability to move the riflescope within a mount for getting proper eye relief for his/her natural aim point gets limited. Let’s suppose that the riflescope ring takes 1 inch space on the tube, which restricts the adjustment range of the scope to ±0.25 inch within the mount. For getting proper eye relief on BEAST, a shooter will require adjusting the mount on rail.

This scope comes with Double Turn (DT) turret design, which makes it easier for the shooter to check out which rotation he or she is really on. When it comes to elevation adjustment, there is hardly any chance for accidental overrun because they come with 1 click that are in turn easy to adjust.  If you want to adjust the elevation, the tirque required is just 3.0 inch-pounds and therefore lies well within the sweet spot between 2.5 inch-pounds and 5.0 inch-pounds. With the introduction of press and twist turret lock, new turret lock mechanism, a shooter can see red between elevation turret and the lock.

The travel per rotation at Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 is massive when compared to other similar riflescopes. In BEAST, one revolution is equal to 20 mils or 60 MOA. Generally speaking, this amount of travel per rotation is double than most scopes. You will remain on first revolution even when you are shooting with a 338 Lapua rifle from beyond a mile. Nightforce has incorporated a fine-tune switch for giving you the granularity. Of you flip it, this will add half a click (0.1 mils or ¼ MOA). Suppose you need adjustment of 40.0 MOA. In that case, you simply have to flip to 40 quickly and engage. However, if you require 40.25 MOA adjustment, you first have to dial the adjustment to 40.0 MOA first and then flip the switch at elevation turret’s bottom for adding 1/2 click.

The turret clicks at Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 are crisp and that’s why there are hardly any chances of accidentally stopping between clicks. The reading on the turret here are easy to read as the readings are significantly large enough. You will not find any distance markings on parallax knob. In fact, for accomplished shooters on field it hardly matters whether the markings are there because they focus on the targets on the basis of clarity they see through the scope while adjusting the parallax knob. Overall turret usability as well as feel is good.

by Scopelist

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