EOTech vs. Aimpoint – Which is Better?

In this blog post, comparison of two high quality red dot sights will be done. While one is EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight .223 Ballistic Reticle, the other is Aimpoint Micro T2 MPN 200170. Both these red dot sights are the market leaders in the category and are available in the price range from $600 to $800.

EOTech EXPS3-4 vs. Aimpoint Micro T2 – Individual Achievements and Strengths

i. Achievements

As we all know that Aimpoint is the originator of red dot sights, it always has a first mover’s advantage over other red dot sight manufacturers. In fact, Aimpoint Micro T2 is an award winning sight. It won the TTAG Reader’s Choice Award for best optic 2014. It has redefined the concept of sight, especially in the optical quality.
When it comes to EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight, it has its own advantages and “E” stands for “Extreme” (which is self explanatory). With the help of this sight a shooter can take aim with two eyes open. That’s why EOTech EXPS3 is known as true 2-eyes-open shooting red-dot sight. Due to various advantages and unbeatable quality, U.S. Special Operations Command has chosen EXPS3 as the main optical device for close quarter engagements.

ii. Strengths

They say the XPS series of sights have an added advantage of handling heavy recoils of magnum rifles more efficiently and effectively. EOTech sights are known for their larger viewing windows (providing users with better viewing ability) as well as reticles. On the other hand, Aimpoint sights are known for having much longer battery life and are considered as slightly tougher than other sights. One of the advantages of Aimpoint is the relatively easier turning on and off facility.
Though both the sights are generally categorized under the red-sight category, technically speaking both are reflex sights. While the Aimpoint device is LED Sight, EOTech is holographic.

EOTech vs. Aimpoint – Specification and Feature Comparison


EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight .223 Ballistic Reticle comes with a 7 mm raised base that helps shooters to use iron sights for close range target sighting. Besides true 2-eyes-open shooting feature, this Holographic Sight comes with easy attachment and removal facility with quick detach lever. The concerned lever also comes with easy locking and adjustability features. In fact, the easy-to-adjust side buttons come as great help, especially at the time of aiming and shooting. It has been seen that technologically advanced modern rifle hunters have started to prefer EOTech EXPS3-4 sight over its contemporaries. One of the major reasons other than the ones mentioned in the previous lines is the night vision-compatibility. This means, these capabilities help hunters to hunt in all kinds of light conditions, even in the dark and nighttime.

Dimension of EOTech EXPS3-4 sight is 3.8” x 2.3” x 2.9” (or 96.5 x 58.4 x 73.7 mm) and the weight is 11.2 oz (or 317.5 g). This device is night vision compatible. The manufacturer has utilized 123 lithium battery in this EOTech sight that has a battery life of over 600 continuous hours (that’s too in the nominal setting 12 at room temperature). The shooters will find a 1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail mount and the EXPS3-4 sight is completely water resistant up to a water depth of 33 feet or 10m. There are 20 daylight brightness settings available in this EOTech optical device. However, the users will find ten additional settings night vision devices as well as Generation I to III.

Other important specifications of EOTech Model EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight 2015 Edition (Ring / Quad Aiming Dot Reticle) are 68 MOA Ring, Quad 1 MOA Aiming Dots, 0.5 MOA per Click Correction, Anti-Reflection Coated Optics, Parallax-Free sighting facility, 1x magnification (that’s why preferred for close range shooting expeditions), +/-40 MOA windage as well as elevation adjustment, fog resistance, 0.5 MOA per Click Correction, Anti-Reflection Coated Optics, 30 Intensity Levels, NVD Compatible, and many more.


Aimpoint Micro T2 MPN 200170 is one of the most revered sights in the category. This red-dot sight has shot to prominence after it won the TTAG Reader’s Choice Award for best optic 2014. The 2 MOA sized red dot becomes clearer in view and at the same time provides improved shape because of the presence of the cutting edge lens coating that Aimpoint has applied on the Micro T2 sight. Due to the inclusion of additional ruggedness, Aimpoint Micro T2 has become the preferred choice of those shooters and hunters who like to shoot or hunt in all kinds of rough terrains and weather conditions.
The manufacturer has incorporated this sight with proprietary ACET battery that helps it last for around 50,000 hours. The sealed tube design helps in using the device in all kinds of weather conditions. No matter whether the device is used at the time of snowfall/rainfall, or in the sand, mud, or dust, there is no impediment in the world that can beat the user in getting a clear shot. Because of the integrated mount, Aimpoint Micro T2 MPN 200170 can be used with both Weaver and Picatinny rails.

Important specifications of this Aimpoint red-dot sight are all surface anti-reflex coating, 1x magnification, band pass coating for NVD compatibility, presence of CR2032 3V Lithium battery, manual rotary switch, 500.000 hours battery life in case of NVD position, 2 MOA red dot size, parallax free feature.

This sight is most suitable for shotgun law-enforcement purpose. However, it can also be used with magnum handgun, shorter action and standard length action, semi automatic rifles, and scout rifles. IPSC Shooters and hunters also find it easy to put Aimpoint Micro T2 on their rifles. One of the best aspects is surely the unlimited eye relief so that at the time of heavy recoil the shooters don’t hurt their eyes. This feature is also very helpful for shooters who shoot with their glasses or sunglasses on. Some bow hunters are also found to use this sight on their bows. Other important specs of this red dot sight are complete eye-safe LED, extruded high strength aluminum housing, 1 click adjustment, and many more.

EOTech vs. Aimpoint  – Final Verdict

As both the sights come with great optical qualities as well as amazing rugged bodies, it is really tough to regard one as a better device than the other. If at all a verdict has to be announced, Aimpoint Micro T2 MPN 200170 seems to have edge over EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight .223 Ballistic reticle. Some of the reasons for the verdict is based upon certain features including better battery life, more usage options, award-winning optical quality, and a bit tougher body. As prices of both the sights are more or less same, Aimpoint Micro T2 surely has an edge. However, it must also be reiterated that the advantages in the Aimpoint device are only marginal and you can also go with EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight without giving a second thought.

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