Checklist while Buying a Rifle Scope – Part 2

In 1st part of the checklist, we have seen how knowing purpose of using the riflescope is important in selecting the right scope. In this part of the article series, we will learn about the other important checklists.

Checklist 2: What’s your Budget?

This is definitely one of the most important factors that you must look into while buying a scope. Riflescopes can be found in all price ranges, right from $300 to anything around $3,000. Now, it is up to you to decide which one to go with. After deciding upon the purpose of use, you have to check prices of the wide array of scopes available. If any scope is not within your current budget, it is better if you don’t get into impulsive shopping and search for a more affordable one.

It must be mentioned, poor or average quality scopes are also available but it will be better for you to go with the quality ones. Hunters or Pro shooters always prefer good quality scopes because a poor one can affect their shooting ability massively. It has been witnessed that a cheap scope can jeopardize shot taken from a high quality rifle. It can also create a lot of hassles and incur additional expense.

Coming back to the main point, you may go with anyone of these high quality riflescopes to get down to business:

·  Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18×50 EBR-2C Riflescope RZR-31803 (MPN: RZR-31803)

·   Nightforce BEAST 5-25×56 MOAR Riflescope C450

·   Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scope 2.5-15×56 7A – 59514 (MPN: 59514)

·   Trijicon AccuPoint Scope 5-20×50 TR23-2G (MPN: TR23-2G)

·   Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 CTR-3 Riflescope C512

·   Schmidt Bender Zenith 3-12×50 FD7 Rifle Scope (MPN: 774-811-707)

·   Leupold Mark 4 ERT 6-5-20×50 Rifle Scope 30mm Tube M5A2 Front Focal H27 68140

·   Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 MRAD Zero Stop Mil-R C528

In case, the budget is fixed and can’t be adjusted it is better to go with the best quality one available at your pre-determined price. It is generally a long term purchase decision and something that is not restricted to certain days or a single hunting expedition. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a scope that lasts a lifetime. It is even better if you can wait and accumulate required funds to buy the best possible option available, instead of getting a $100 or $150 low quality scope where the point of impact and point of aim may not match even after zeroing!

If you have a budget within $300-$700 range, you may go with these riflescopes:

·  Zeiss 5214609920 Conquest 3-9×40 Zplex Reticle

·  Vortex Viper HS 6-24×50 Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope VHS-4319 (SKU VHS-4319)

·  Zeiss 5214309972 Conquest 4.5-14×44 AO Rapid Z 800 Reticle

·  Nikon ProStaff ¬Rimfire BDC 3–9x40mm

·  Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 TMCQ MRAD PST

·  Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm

·  Vortex Crossfire II 4-16×50 AO Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope CF2-31039

Checklist 3: What would you prefer- Variable or Fixed Power Riflescope?

If you are certain about the way you are going to use your riflescope, it is easier for you to decide whether you want to go with a fixed magnification or variable power riflescope. With a fixed power scope you can watch at a pre-determined degree of magnification only. In such a scope the extent of magnification is denoted by a number followed by ‘x’. If you buy a scope having 3x power, you can watch an object three times its original size. This kind of scope is preferred by hunters who like chase-and-hit hunting. In most deer hunting expeditions, hunters prefer a fixed low power riflescope because they hardly get time to set the magnification in advance. More importantly, these optical devices are preferred by shooters because of their reliability and simplicity of use. The problem you may face while using such a device is that you cannot reset your scope’s power setting because there are no internally movable lenses. One of the best available fixed riflescopes is Trijicon ACOG scopes.

If you are going with a variable-power riflescope, you can change the magnification in the pre-determined limit, say 5-20x. In case of 5-20x magnification range you can change power setting from 5x to 20x, which means that you can watch an object at 5-times magnification to 20 times magnification than the original image size and at every magnification level coming within that range. Best aspect of a variable-power scope is that the lowest magnification power setting is used for acquisition of target, followed by zooming of power to view the object in detail. Variable powered scopes are more expensive than their fixed counterparts because manufacturing the former requires more lenses and additional internal gears for changing power settings.

In the next parts we will learn about the other checklists including selection of magnification range, objective lens diameter, turrets and reticles, quality of glass, and others.

by Scopelist

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