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Vortex EBR Reticles – All You Need To Know!

Vortex Optics has designed EBR (Enhanced Battle Reticles) reticles keeping in mind the needs of long distance shooters. With Vortex EBR reticle options, long range shooters can effectively determine ranges, moving target leads, windage, and holdover corrections. Vortex reticle designers have maintained specifications of these reticles at tightest tolerance levels through ultra-precision glass reticle laser […]

Vortex Scopes

Vortex Viper PST Scopes – Top 3

Today, we will discuss about the top Vortex Viper PST rifle scopes available in the market. The manufacturer has given its outstanding engineering knowledge to design a forward thinking rifle scope that makes it rank close to high end riflescopes. This is the reason why dedicated shooters love to have this device in their possession. […]