Can Trijicon Scopes be used with AR 15?

Whether it is for law enforcement or the military, the AR 15 is surely one of the most versatile weapon platforms used in a wide range of combat operations. It has become extremely popular with shooters because of its usability and ability to precisely configure itself in the way shooters are comfortable with. This implies you can optimize your AR15’s usability through various upgrades including stocks, grips, and triggers!

If you are using the AR, the most suited magnification range in riflescopes would be anything from 3x to 6x. But while choosing the optics for this versatile rifle, you need to know whether the optical device is enhancing shooting accuracy, speed or effectiveness or not. If these three basic aspects are fulfilled, you can go with the particular scope. And with Trijicon scopes such as ACOG and Accupoint (categorized in the telescopic sight group), you can rest assured you will achieve the three objectives when you pair them with the AR 15. Both are known to be the best for taking shots at targets located at medium to long range distances. So let us explore a bit more about these two kinds of scopes that you can use with your AR-15.

Trijicon Scopes

1. Trijicon Accupoint with AR 15

This is one of the highest quality sporting scopes from the house of Trijicon. Boasting of a rugged construction, it comes with superior quality glass, illuminated reticle and varied magnification ranges. Shooters can engage target quickly with this scope because of the presence of an illuminated reticle (crosshair pattern or triangular-post). As no batteries are used, shooters can remain in the hunting field as long as they desire, without worrying about recharging the battery for illumination. Besides, this Trijicon scope makes superior light transmission possible with the help of multi-layer coated lenses. Users get long eye relief as well as quick focus eyepiece.

The Trijicon Accupoint comes in variable magnification ranges and objective lens diameters. There are four basic model categories and they are 1-4×24, 2.5-10×56, 3-9×40, and 5-20×50.

However, the best option available while using the scope with AR is Trijicon 1-4×24 Accupoint. It can be perfectly used for CQC. For taking distant shots, the shooter will simply have to magnify to 4x by turning the dial.

Except for the objective lens diameter and magnification range, all the Accupoint models have same features such as multi-coated lens, zero forward emission, fog proofing, long eye relief, Manual Brightness Override, second focal plane reticle, and an aluminum body having matte black finish.

Trijicon ACOG Riflescopes with AR 15

ACOG is the short form of Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. This riflescope from Trijicon is a compact optical device having fixed power. One of the most important aspects of ACOG is that it is manufactured in a way that allows it to be used in all light conditions, right from low light conditions to brighter ones. In some of the variants BDC or Bullet Drop Compensated reticles are also available.

Major characteristic features of Trijicon ACOG riflescopes are Both Eyes Open Design, rugged housing (built from aluminum alloy), waterproofing up to 328 feet or 100 meters, high quality glass lenses, and the availability of illuminated reticle. Perhaps, the best part is that this Trijicon scope has been tested in multiple combat operations and it has proven its might everytime. All the features are included to achieve one objective and that is to increase potential of a shooter to hit the target, with enhanced potential, especially in all lighting conditions.

In comparison to Accupoint, this Trijicon scope comes with more models with varying magnifications. The different models of ACOG are 6 x 48, 5.5 x 50, 4 x 32 LED, 4 x 32 BAC, normal 4 x 32, 3.5 x 35, 3 x 30, 2 x 20, 1.5 x 24, 1.5 x 16S, and ACOG / RMR Combo. 4×32 LED Battery ACOG is also available in the market now. In case of hunting expeditions, all these Trijicon scopes come in handy.

If you are specializing on short to medium range shooting, you can choose anyone from Trijicon ACOG 1.5 x 16S to 3 x 30. In case, you want to hit a target at medium to long distance, Trijicon ACOG 3.5 x 35 to 6 x 48 can be chosen.

Summing it up, Trijicon Scopes can be very much used with the one of its kind, magazine-fed and air-cooled AR 15 rifle! Take your pick from the Trijicon Accupoint or the Trijicon ACOG lineup.

by Scopelist

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