5 Reasons to Buy Swarovski EL Binoculars


Swarovski Optik released their Swarovski EL binoculars to bring an optical solution for long range spotting needs. Most hunters, nature lovers, and birders don’t know that EL signifies Ergonomic and Light. It is noteworthy that the bird watchers love this optical device more than any other spotting scope because of the advanced technological use and crystal clear optics. Use of Swarovision technology has provided this binocular with a high quality optical standard. Swarovski has ensured that this device comes with an ergonomic design, which includes EL wrap-around grip. Carrying strap enhances comfort level of user while observing birds or wildlife.

The manufacturer has applied Swarobright lens coating that provides maximum fidelity of color throughout the entire light spectrum. To provide users with enhanced experience of high contrast and bright images, Swarovski has incorporated SWAROTOP and SWARODUR coatings.

The manufacturer has ensured that the lens used in the optical device remains clean all the time. That’s why they have included a non-sticky coating, known as Swaroclean, which helps in easier cleaning of eyepiece as well as objective lens. If you have to take off tree resin, insect repellent, or water marks from the lens, Swaroclean coating not only makes it easier for you but also help make the lens clearer with less requirement of vigorousness. This Swaroclean coating feature of Swarovski is similar to the LotuTech coating and AquaDuraTM coating technologies found in Carl Zeiss and Leica binoculars respectively. These are only handful of features that you may consider buying this binocular type. However, before taking the decision of purchasing the EL binocular, it is important for you to know the reasons why so many people prefer this optical device over many others. Let’s get to the bottom of it by having a look at what it provides us, on a point-to-point basis, and why it is important for a bird watcher or a hunter to have any model of this EL series in possession.

1.     Objective Lens Size and Compactness

Swarovski EL binoculars come in three different versions on the basis of varied objective lens sizes and magnification ranges.

i.                    Swarovski EL 32 Binoculars

Swarovski EL 8×32 W B binocular comes with an objective lens diameter of 32mm. Characteristic features of this binocular is smaller size, lighter weight, and compact construction. More and more bird watchers and hunters prefer this bino because of lighter weight, which enables them to carry on the device over longer distances and watching over longer periods of time. It is so compact that it can also fit in almost every outdoor coat.

ii.                  Swarovski EL 42 Binoculars

42mm objective lens diameter is the most preferred choice of hunters and bird watchers because of the right balance it provides users in size, weight, and enough passage of light through the device. Though the most preferred magnification here is either 8x or 10x, Swarovski has brought 8.5x magnification with EL 42 binoculars. Some of the most impressive features of this binocular are optical clarity, high standard of optical quality, exceptionally bright image (ensured by the large 42mm objective lens diameter that ensures enough passage of light through the lens), comfortable to hold, correctly balanced, large focusing wheel, and an impressively good look. As Swarovski EL 8.5×42 binocular comes with the right balance of size, weight, and objective lens size, the binocular is most suited for bird watching, wildlife viewing, general usage, and sports.

iii.                Swarovski EL 50 Binoculars

This is another important binocular in the Swarovski EL series where objective lens size is 50mm. While the exit pupil here is 5mm, the field of view is considerably large. It is the perfect companion of explorers as large objective lens diameter allows enough passage of light, leading to brighter projection of image.

The sharpness of image and 10x magnification you will get in this Swarovski EL 50 binocular is not seen in many binoculars. Therefore, you will get the best possible image production through this Swarovski EL 10×50 binocular in low light (twilight) condition or in long distances.

As this binocular type comes with an amazing balance of weight, you can observe through EL 50 by holding them for longer periods of time. When compared with other 50mm binoculars, it can easily be regarded as one of the most compact binoculars available. Especially at twilight, the users get brighter images because of the incorporation of larger exit pupils.

2.     Optical Properties

One of the best aspects of all the Swarovski EL series binoculars is surely the exceptionally good optical clarity.

Let’s start with the Swarovski EL 8×32 W B binocular, where the most amazing aspect is the field of view, which is 141m per 1,000m or 423 feet per 1,000 yards. Therefore, you always view a steady image over a wide surface area without any problem. It comes with 8x magnification, 4mm exit pupil diameter, 20mm eye relief, 8 degrees field of view, 6.2 feet or 1.9m shortest focusing distance, ± 4 dpt Dioptric compensation, 90 per cent light transmission, 16 twilight factor, 2.2-2.9 inch or 54-74mm pupil distance, and 5 dpt Diopter correction at infinity.

Now, let’s move on to Swarovski EL 8.5×42 W B binocular, which is one of the most popular binoculars not only in the EL series but among all the binoculars of Swarovski. You will get the best possible view through the new 42mm EL binocular. Brightness of image is one of the most important features of this optical device and that’s why the hunters prefer this. It lets them find the most distant targets, camouflaging behind the bushes during dusk. The richness of image you will get through this binocular needs special mention. Fluoride-containing HD lens along with the inclusion of Swarovision technology helps this device provide users with vibrant color images and amazing contrast. You will not find any edge effect at the corner of lenses, which are evident in many other high quality products of other manufacturers. Field of view of Swarovski 8.5×42 binocular is 399 feet at 1,000 yards and therefore you will be able to keep track on any movement over a wider surface area.

Swarovski EL 10×50 W B comes with 50mm objective lens diameter, more magnification (10x), and exit pupil of 5mm. Therefore, more transmission of light is guaranteed through the high quality glass, enabling it to produce brighter images. Therefore, wildlife lovers will be able to track down almost-impossible to find beasts easily. Even when the light condition is extremely poor and can easily be regarded as dark, you can check out the targets. This Swarovski EL binocular is preferred by hunters, birders, and wildlife lovers for its ability to provide extreme high quality image production even in bleakest light condition. Important specifications of this device include 10x magnification, 5mm exit pupil diameter, 20mm eye relief, 5mm pupil diameter, 345 feet per 1,000 yards or 115m per 1,000 m, 6.6 degrees field of view, 9.2 feet shortest focusing distance, ± 4 dpt Dioptric compensation, 90 per cent light transmission, 22.4 twilight factor, 2.2-2.9 inch or 56-74mm pupil distance, and 5 dpt diopter correction at infinity.

3. Coatings

Just like other high end binoculars, Swarovski has its own lens coatings that enhance brightness as well as contrast of the image produced. There are two kinds of coatings and they are Swarotop and Swarodur coatings. Throughout the light spectrum, color fidelity is enhanced through the use of Swarobright coating. Another coating that was used on the lens is Swaroclean, which restricts any foreign matter to rest on the lens. In fact, neither water nor dirt can stay on the glass due to the use of this kind of coating. This is the reason why it will be easier for you to clean the lens of Swarovski EL series binoculars.

4. Dimensions

No matter which Swarovski EL binocular you use, you will get a sleeker and rakish look, which is easier to hold. This new EL 42 optical device is 6.3 inches tall and additionally comes with fully extended eyecups. Swarovski EL 42 binoculars come with 5.2 inches width and 2.4 inches height. Weights of Swarovski EL 8.5×42 W B and Swarovski EL 10×42 range binoculars are 29.5oz and 29.6oz respectively. Swarovski EL 8×32 W B and Swarovski EL 10×32 W B have 5.3 inches length, 5.0 inches width, and 2.2 inches height. Weight of these EL 32 binoculars is just 21oz. Dimension of Swarovski EL 50 W B binoculars is 6.8 x 5.2 x 2.6 inches. Weight of Swarovski EL 10×50 W B and Swarovski EL 12×50 W B binoculars is 35oz. The best part about the dimension is ergonomic design of these devices. No matter which model you pick up, the thumbs will fall in the right place of the device. You will feel good to hold the optical device as angled divots on the barrels really feel to hold the device comfortably. The green armor is not only good to look at but also provides a secure grip. Though green look is available with all the devices, EL 32 device comes with sandbrown color.

You will get a better grip on this binocular because of the presence of Torsion-free twin-bridge construction. This is a new innovation of this manufacturer that makes gripping of the optical device better and more comfortable. As bird watchers have to watch patiently over a long period of time, this feature helps them in the purpose correctly. Torsion-free twin-bridge construction also reduces weight significantly and therefore makes the binocular more balanced. Therefore, with Swarovski EL binoculars at hand you can carry out observation through it over extended hours without much ado.

5. Focusing

Swarovski EL 42 devices have 4.9 feet shortest focusing distance. Anything below 6 feet is considered to be quite good and this is a really good feature here. In addition to observing targets located at long distances, you can also check out close lying objects. If you want to view a butterfly sitting on a flower close by, you can check it out at a distance as close as 4.9 feet, which effectively comes around 4.67 feet. The best part is that getting focus from the closest range to infinity can be achieved in just 2.5 turn of the knob. However, we were not that impressed in case of the shortest close focus of both EL 32 and EL 50 binoculars. While EL 32 has 6.2 feet shortest focusing distance, the same for EL 50 is 9.2 feet. As already mentioned before, shortest focusing distance above 6 feet is not a very preferred feature. However, Swarovski has designed the EL 42 models with absolutely great close focus feature.

These are the 5 major reasons why you should go for Swarovski EL Swarovision binoculars. If you are looking for a binocular that comes with excellent quality and outstanding features, this is the binocular series you should be buying.

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