4 New Swarovski Z8i Riflescopes Hits the Market

Last year it was Zeiss to bring out their Zeiss V8 model to give stiff competition to Swarovski Z6i series rifle scopes. However, this year it was Swarovski Optik that came up with a new and superior series of Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes (that is especially meant for different types of hunting) at 2016 edition of the IWA trade show. This new line of high performance hunting riflescope features an impressive 8x magnification zoom ratio,  30mm central tube, and extremely high light transmission capabilities. One of the main specialties of this new line of Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes is the ability to mount them on any hunting firearm. This has become possible because of the elegant central tube (30mm diameter) and slim profile despite the wide 8x zoom.

Swarovski has unveiled 4 new riflescopes in the Z8i series

#1 Swarovski Z8i 1-8×24 – It is perfect for use in the driven hunting games. Optional 4A-IF Flexchange reticle (especially suitable for driven hunt) is available, enabling the new Z8i scope adapt itself with wide variety of hunting scenarios.

#2 Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3×42 – Whether you love stalking games or driven hunting, you will feel the difference by using this scope. Optional 4A-IF Flexchange reticle (especially suitable for driven hunt) is available, enabling the new Z8i scope adapt itself with wide variety of hunting scenarios.

#3 Swarovski Z8i 2-16×50 – You will find this scope perfect for driven hunting expeditions as well as long range shooting because of the large field of view.

#4 Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18×56 – It is one of the few scopes that give optical clarity of the target even in twilight or poor light conditions. With this scope attached to your hunting rifle, you can hit the bullseye over long distances in poor light conditions.

What’s so Special about Swarovski Z8i Rifle Scopes?

  • 8x Zoom and Sophisticated Optical System

One of the most impressive features in this series of riflescope is the 8x magnification ratio, especially offering rapid target acquisition as well as high magnification. Swarovski Z8i series comes with sophisticated optical system that not only offers one of the best crystal clear vision among its peers but also offers wide field of view as well as extremely high detailed accuracy level. Image definition throughout the entire field of view is uncompromising.


Swarovski has introduced the first ever switchable reticle concept – FLEXCHANGE – that provides maximum versatility in all kinds of hunting situations. A reticle – 4A-IF – has been specifically developed for driven hunting. This reticle comes with an illuminated ring, which a shooter can switch on or off by simply pressing a button.

  • Ballistic Turret Flex (BTF)

It can be used as a side turret or a top turret. You can combine it with any reticle you want. With the help of 3 different types of rings, separate configurations can be achieved. It can be attached with the help of a single click only.

  • When you use it as top turret, it can work as bullet drop compensation

  • When you use it as a side turret, you can use it for lead distance estimation or windage adjustment

  • Redesigned Illumination System

It comes with ergonomically enhanced controls as well as large buttons, which can be easily reached from the top. As an intuitive layout is there is place, rapid and reliable usage is now possible.

This new Swarovski Z8i series riflescope has already become a sensation because of the advanced inbuilt features and uncompromising optical clarity and quality.

by Scopelist